OCTG is committed at all levels to providing the highest quality of products and services to all our clients, meeting all customer, legal requirements and increasing customer satisfaction.  We ensure that all of our products and services meet the highest standards used by industries and quality organizations globally.

The Organization is committed to document Quality System which describes and defines the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

We understand that Quality depends on all personnel and is a direct result of everyday activity rendered. All employees shall be encouraged to contribute and to accept individual responsibility for quality and regulatory conformance and work in conformity with management to create an enabling environment to meet our customers aims.

This objective will be accomplished through the application of the following key principles:

Our quality objectives are:

  • Client satisfaction – To clearly understand the requirements of our customers, and measure the efficiency of our processes to continuously satisfy their legitimate requirement.
  • Continual improvements – Improve the current level of quality performance shown in our market and supply service processes and to optimise the use of own resources.
  • Doing it right, the first time, every time – Maintaining the trust in us by our internal and external customers through establishing, implementing, and maintaining quality management system that conforms with the requirements of ISO 9001-2008 and completing each job using established procedures.
  • Preservation of work environment – creating an employee friendly environment that promotes commitment to quality, compliance to Health, Safety & Environment, team work, mutual trust and respect.

Our Customers win through Quality Products, timely delivery, and superior Service. With this in mind, quality will continue to be a consideration in all our internal and external business activities. To this effect, we are continually setting new objectives within the organization, applying seemly programs to assist in achieving those objectives.